Roman Rozenberg is an Israeli independent photographer born in Azerbaijan. He focuses primarily on phenomena of collective identities, how they emerge and their physical and ideological repercussions. His later projects tend to blend practices of documentary photography with layers of fictional and imaginative. It seeks to retrace and reimagine alternative realities that are hiding behind the ones revealing themselves to us as ‘facts on the ground’.

His first documentary series “Infiltrators” was awarded the Israeli Press Award ‘Local Testimony” and was shown as part of a group exhibition in the Eretz-Israel Museum in Tel Aviv.

A past participant of the International Summer School of Photography in Latvia, the Eddie Adams Workshop in New York, Noorderlicht and Noor Masterclasses in the Netherlands.

His photojournalistic work covering Turkey and Ukraine was published in the New York Times, Die Welt, STERN, Guardian, Haaretz, Global Post, NPR, Huffington Post and other national and international publications.

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